Chapter 7. Update



The Updater component (drwebupw.exe) may be launched just on the completion of the plug-in installation by selecting the corresponding checkbox at the last step of installation. This component updates the scanning engine (drweb32.dll) and virus databases (*.vdb).


Dr.Web for Kerio WinRoute uses virus databases to detect malicious software. These databases contain details and signatures for all viruses and malicious programs known at the moment of the plug-in release. However modern computer viruses are characterized by the high-speed evolvement and modification. More than that, within several days and sometimes hours, new viruses emerge which can infect millions of computers around the world. To mitigate the risk of infection during the licensed period, Doctor Web provides you with regular updates to virus databases and plug-in components. The Updater component of Dr.Web for Kerio WinRoute helps you download the updates via Internet and automatically installs them.



If your computer connects to the Internet via proxy, configure Updater to connect to the proxy server.


For computers without access to the Internet, you can configure updates from the central storage of update files.

When you install Dr.Web for Kerio WinRoute, the installation wizard creates a task which schedules Updater to check for new updates at the Doctor Web global update server. You can change the schedule using the standard Windows Scheduled Tasks utility. You can also configure the update process using the command line parameters listed in the Appendix A.

To modify update schedule

1.On the Control Panel, double-click Scheduled Tasks.
2.Right-click Dr.Web Update for Kerio WinRoute Plugin task and select Properties.
3.On the Schedule tab, modify the task schedule. By default, the plug-in checks for updates each 30 minutes.
4.Click OK.

To configure update without Internet connection

1.Create a central storage for the update files.



You can use folder available through UNC paths only, which include:

Local folder on the computer
Shared network folders


2.Copy the new updates for plug-in components and virus databases from the Doctor Web official download site at to the storage. You can view the list of updatable components in the drweb32.lst file which is located in the installation folder of Dr.Web for Kerio WinRoute (usually, %ProgramFiles%\DrWeb for Kerio WinRoute).
3.On the local computer where you want to configure updates from the central storage, open the Control Panel and double-click Scheduled Tasks.
4.Right-click Dr.Web Update for Kerio WinRoute Plugin task and select Properties.
5.On the Task tab, add the following command line parameter to the command string in the Run field:

/URL:<storage> where <storage> is the path to the central updates storage.

5.Click OK.