Dr.Web Scanning Engine

The Dr.Web Scanning Engine scan engine is designed to search for viruses and other malicious objects in files and boot records (MBR—Master Boot Record, VBR—Volume Boot Record) of disk devices. The component loads the scan engine Dr.Web Virus-Finding Engine into memory and starts it as well as loads Dr.Web virus databases used by the engine for threat detection.

The scan engine operates in the daemon mode, as a service which receives scanning requests from other Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers components (these are Dr.Web File Checker and Dr.Web Network Checker, and, partially, Dr.Web MeshD). If Dr.Web Scanning Engine and Dr.Web Virus-Finding Engine are absent or unavailable, no anti-virus scanning is performed on this node (except for Dr.Web for UNIX Mail Servers contains the Dr.Web MeshD component, which settings contain the connection to local cloud nodes, proving scan engine services).



Operating Principles

Command-Line Arguments

Configuration Parameters