Getting Started

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When Dr.Web is installed, the SpIDer Agent icon SpIDer Agent icon displays in the notification area.



If SpIDer Agent is not running, select the Dr.Web application group on the Windows Start menu and then select SpIDer Agent.

The SpIDer Agent icon indicates the status of Dr.Web:

SpIDer Agent icon—all necessary components are running and protect your computer.

SpIDer Agent icon—Dr.Web self-protection or an important component is disabled, which compromises security of the anti-virus and your computer. Enable self-protection or the disabled component

SpIDer Agent icon—components are expected to start after the operating system startup process is complete, thus wait until the components start; or an error occurred while starting one of the main Dr.Web components, and your computer is at risk of virus infection. Check that you have a valid key file and, if required, install it.

Various notifications may appear over the SpIDer Agent icon SpIDer Agent icon if configured.

The SpIDer Agent menu SpIDer Agent icon allows to manage and configure the main settings of Dr.Web. To open the menu, click the SpIDer Agent icon SpIDer Agent icon in the Windows notification area.


To access the protection components and settings and to disable components, you need to have administrative privileges.

My Dr.Web. Opens your personal webpage on the Doctor Web official website. This page provides you with information on your license including usage period and serial number, allows to renew the license, contact technical support, and so on.

License. Opens License Manager.

Tools. Opens a submenu providing access to:

Data Loss Prevention;

Anti-Virus Network;

Quarantine Manager;


Protection Components. Quick access to the protection components list where you can enable or disable each of the components.

Update. Information about actuality of the components or virus databases. Launches the update.

Scanner. Quick access to launching different kinds of scanning.

Operation mode working mode. Allows to switch between user mode and administrator mode. By default, Dr.Web starts in restricted user mode, which does not provide access to Settings and settings of Protection components. To switch to another mode, click the lock. If UAC is enabled, operating system will prompt a request for administrative privileges. Besides, you also need to enter the password to change the mode if you set the Protect Dr.Web settings with a password option in the Settings window. Note that you will be returned to user mode in 15 minutes after switching to administrator mode. If you are still configuring the settings when this time expires, you will be returned to user mode after closing the settings window.

Statistics Statistics. Opens statistics on the components operations in the current session including the number of scanned, infected and suspicious objects, actions performed, and so on.

Settings Settings. Opens a window with access to the main settings, protection components settings, Parental Control, and exclusions.


To access the component settings and open your personal webpage My Dr.Web, you also need to enter the password if you enabled the Protect Dr.Web settings with a password option in the Settings window.


If you forgot your password for the product settings, contact technical support.

Help Help. Opens this help file.