Registration Wizard

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SpIDer Agent checks whether you have a key file. If no key file is found, you are prompted to obtain a key file on the Internet.A key file can be obtained during the installation procedure. For this, select the Receive license during installation option at step 5 of the installation procedure, and an activation of a license or a trial version will start.

You can also obtain a key file by starting activation of a license or a trial version after the product is installed on your system. For that, do the following:

1.Click the SpIDer Agent icon SpIDer Agent icon and select License. The License Manager window opens.

2.Click Buy or activate new license. The Registration Wizard window opens.

To activate the license, you need to enter the registration serial number, supplied to you when purchasing Dr.Web.

License activation


If you have a serial number for activation of a license or a trial version for 3 months, click Activate. . If you have already activated a license or a trial version, specify a valid key file.

If you enter a serial number for activation of a trial version for 3 months, the window with activation results opens.

If you enter a serial number for activation of a license, the registration data entry window opens.


If you have already been a user of Dr.Web, you are eligible for extension of your new license for another 150 days. To enable the bonus, enter your serial number and specify the path to the previous key file in the open window.


New license

To purchase a new license, renew or extend your current license with a discount from Doctor Web online store, click Buy.


Trial version

You can activate a trial version to evaluate operation of Dr.Web Security Space:

For 3 months. For that, register on the website and receive a serial number.


After you complete the questionnaire, a serial number required to activate the trial version for 3 months is sent to the specified email address.


1 month. For that purpose, no serial number is required and no registration data is requested.


For Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows, a trial version is not available.

Registration data entry

To register a license, enter personal data (your registration name and email address) and select the country. All the listed fields are obligatory and must be filled in.

Click Next.

Activation results

If the activation procedure completes successfully, the corresponding message is displayed. Click Finish to proceed to updating the virus databases and other package files. This procedure does not require user intervention.

If activation failed, an error message displays. Check Internet connection parameters or click Retry to correct invalid data.