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To use Dr.Web for a long period of time, activate a license. You can purchase a license with the product, on the official Doctor Web website or through authorized partners. A license allows to take advantage of all product features during the whole period. Parameters of the license are set in accordance with the software license agreement.

If you want to evaluate the product before purchasing it, you can activate a trial version. It provides you with full functionality of the main components, but the period of validity is considerably restricted.


A trial version is available for Dr.Web Security Space only.


You can activate a trial version for the same computer no more than once a year.

A trial version may be valid for:

For 3 months. For that, register on the Doctor Web website and receive a serial number.

1 month. For that purpose, no serial number is required and no registration data is requested.



Key file

The use rights for Dr.Web are specified in the key file. Key files received during installation or within the product distribution kit are installed automatically.

The key file has the .key extension and contains the following information:

List of licensed anti-virus components

Licensed period for the product

Availability of technical support for the user

Other restrictions (for example, the number of remote computers allowed for simultaneous anti-virus check)


By default, the key file is located in the Dr.Web installation folder. Dr.Web verifies the file regularly. Do not edit or modify the key file to avoid its corruption.


If no valid key file is found, Dr.Web components are blocked.

A valid key file for Dr.Web satisfies the following criteria:

License is not expired.

Integrity of the key file is not violated.

If any of the conditions is violated, the key file becomes invalid and Dr.Web stops detecting and neutralizing malicious programs in files, memory, and email messages.

If during Dr.Web installation, a key file was not received and no path to it was specified, a temporary key file is used. Such a key file provides full functionality of Dr.Web. However, on the SpIDer Agent menu, Update item is not available until you either activate a license or a trial version or specify a path to the valid key file via the License Manager.

It is recommended that you keep the key file until the license or the trial version expires.


A key file for a trial version activation can be used only on the computer where the registration procedure was run.