Activation Methods

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You can activate your license or a trial version in one of the following ways:

Using Registration Wizard during installation or later

Obtaining the key file during registration on the official website of  Doctor Web.

Specifying the path to the valid key file residing on your computer during installation or in the Registration Wizard window

If you want to activate your license while your trial version period is not expired yet, go to Registration Wizard.

Reactivating license

You may need to reactivate a license or a trial version if the key file is lost.


When reactivating a license or a trial version, you receive the same key file as during the previous registration providing that the validity period is not expired.


A 3-month trial version can be reactivated only on the computer where the registration procedure was run.

When you reinstall the product or install it on several computers, if the license allows for that, you will be able to use the previously registered key file. Reactivation of the key file is not required.

The number of requests for a key file receipt is limited. One serial number can be registered not more than 25 times. If more requests are sent, the key file will not be delivered. In this case, to receive a lost key file, contact your technical support describing your problem in detail, stating your personal data input during the registration and the serial number. The key file will be sent by technical support to your email address.