License Manager

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In this window, you can view all Dr.Web licenses for your computer. You can also modify the current license, renew it or purchase a new license and activate it.

To view information on a license that is not currently in use, select it from the drop-down list. In the administrator mode, click delete to delete the selected license or click Set as current license to set it as current. Please note that the current license cannot be deleted.

Once you click Buy or activate new license, the Registration Wizard window opens providing you with necessary instructions on how to proceed.

Once you click Renew current license, the program will open the page on the Doctor Web website where all parameters of the current license will be transmitted.


Opens your personal webpage on the Doctor Web official website. This page provides you with information on your license including usage period and serial number, allows to renew the license, contact technical support, and so on.

The License agreement link opens the license agreement on the Doctor Web official website.