Main Settings

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To access the main Dr.Web settings, open the SpIDer Agent SpIDer Agent icon in administrator mode, run Settings Settings and go to Main.


To access the main Dr.Web settings, you are prompted to enter the password if you enabled the Protect Dr.Web settings with a password option in the Settings window.

Centralized settings adjustment allows you to configure main settings of the anti-virus package.

To configure displaying pop-ups and receiving notifications by email, go to the Notifications page.

If you want to change updating source or frequency, or to create an update mirror, go to the Update page.

To configure the proxy server connection or scanning of data transmitted over secure protocols, go to the Network page.

To configure advanced security parameters, go to the Self-Protection page.

To configure access to Doctor Web cloud services, go to the Dr.Web Cloud page.

If you want to allow access to Dr.Web installed on your computer from other computers, go to the Anti-Virus Network page.

To restrict access to specific device or bus classes, go to the Devices page.

To change the interface language or logging and quarantine parameters, go to the Advanced page.