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The anti-virus solutions of Doctor Web use Dr.Web virus databases to detect malicious software. These databases contain details and signatures for all virus threats known at the moment of the product release. With the updates, Dr.Web receives information required to detect and block new viruses and sometimes to cure the infected files that were considered unrecoverable before.

From time to time, updates include enhancements to anti-virus algorithms in the form of executable files and libraries. The experience of Dr.Web anti-virus protection helps to fix any bugs in software and to update support service and documentation.

To ensure the virus databases and software algorithms being most up to date, Doctor Web provides you with regular updates to virus databases and product components, which are distributed via the Internet. Dr.Web Update helps you download and install updates of virus databases and program modules during the licensed period.

Update start

During update, Dr.Web downloads and installs all updated files that correspond to your version of Dr.Web and upgrades Dr.Web when a newer version is released.


For Dr.Web to update, you need a connection to the Internet, to the update mirror (local or network folder), or to the Anti-virus network with at least one computer that has an update mirror set.

All necessary parameters can be defined on the Update page of Dr.Web Main settings.

Start from the SpIDer Agent menu

Click the SpIDer Agent icon SpIDer Agent icon and select Update. This opens information on relevance of Dr.Web virus databases and other components as well as the date of their last update. Start updating by clicking Refresh.

Start from the command line

Open the Dr.Web installation folder (%PROGRAMFILES%\Common Files\Doctor Web\Updater) and run the drwupsrv.exe file. The list of command-line parameters can be found in Appendix A.

Automatic start

If launched automatically, Dr.Web installs updates silently and logs all changes into the dwupdater.log file located in the %allusersprofile%\Doctor Web\Logs\ folder.


After an update of executable files, drivers, or libraries, a program restart may be required. In such cases, an appropriate warning displays.