IconDocument Conventions and Abbreviations
IconChapter 1. Introduction
IconWhat is Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino
IconObjects that are Scanned
IconLicense Key File
IconChapter 2. Installation and Removal
IconSystem Requirements
IconInstalling Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino
IconAdditional Information about the Installation
IconInstallation on Several Servers
IconPost-installation Setup
IconRemoving Dr.Web for IBM Lotus Domino
IconPost-removal Setup
IconChapter 3. Getting Started
IconPost-installation Review
IconMain Folders and Files which are Created During Installation
IconChanges in the Lotus Domino Server Directory
IconLaunching the Lotus Domino Server
IconVirus Detection Test
IconComponents of the Program
IconStarting the Administrator Console
IconGetting Help
IconChapter 4. Administration
IconGroups and Profiles
IconCreating and Managing Profiles
IconSetting Up Notifications
IconAdjusting the Monitor
IconSetting Up Anti-spam Filtering
IconManaging Groups of Clients
IconScanning Lotus Notes Databases
IconManaging the Quarantine
IconReviewing the Statistics
IconManaging Distribution of Reports
IconManaging the Event Log
IconManaging Filters for Databases and E-mail Addresses
IconFiltering Databases
IconCompiling Black and White Lists of E-mail Addresses
IconUpdating the Virus Databases
IconConfiguration Export/Import
IconAppendix A. Operation in Central Protection Mode
IconAppendix B. Technical Support

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